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Shun is a modern French restaurant created by Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli. Trained by some of history's most celebrated chefs including Alain Passard and Guy Savoy, Verzeroli most recently led the team at the legendary Joël Robuchon's eponymous restaurant in Tokyo, where he earned and maintained 3 Michelin stars for over a decade. 

At Shun, Verzeroli combines his his experiences cooking in both France and Japan to offer a contemporary dining experience distinct to NYC. While the cuisine is decidedly French, the concept is influenced by Japanese aesthetics and focus on the rhythm of the seasons.

As guests ascend the marble staircase leading into the Shun dining room, all elements from the menu, to the style of service, the tableware, and the minimalist yet luxurious interior design by Architect Joseph Dirand, are meant to work in harmony and transport you from the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan below.